Free eBook: Securing Contact Centre Payments, while eliminating fraud & de-scoping PCI DSS security issues

Contact centres face a number of security challenges, particularly relating to credit card security and compliance with the mandatory Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Is your Contact Centre protected both inside and out?

Call centre agents hear and see credit card data on a daily basis, as such the risk of fraud is very real, outsourced call centres face additional challenges when maintaining compliance: they have to process payments on behalf of multiple customers to multiple banks; while others store and forward sensitive card data to clients; there is the challenge of ongoing staff training and police checks; staff retention; and investment in security generally, particularly when outsourced overseas agents are employed, or when local staff work from home.   

In This Ebook, You'll Learn:

  • Find out how you can ensure your contact centre is secure and your customers are protected
  • Why pause call recording is a dying technology
  • What solution options protect you and guarantee compliance at the same time
  • How to improve customer service, cash flow and handling times
  • How to reduce the costs, risks and lead times associated with security in the Contact Centre
  • How to stop fraud and cybercrime from making your business become the next headline for the wrong reasons  

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